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  • Meet Our Bra Fitters!

    As we reflect on how far we have come as a company, brand, and a mainstay in the lingerie industry, we know that we would not be where we are if it weren’t for those faces behind the frosted doors that always provide the customer with more than what they expected. We would like you to meet those wonderful women, here!
  • Dimming Your Headlights

    To the females who have dreamed of going braless, or to the ones who love to wear their delicate, lacey bras, or to the girls who simply want to go to the gym without having to layer up or catch the creeper on the elliptical staring at you like a deer in…well… headlights, keep on reading, because there is a solution!

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TOP DRAWER LINGERIE is a unique bra fitting boutique.

Top Drawer Lingerie is a bra fitting boutique that has been helping women across Texas look their best for over 25 years. Located in the Uptown Park Shopping Center in Houston, we carry lingerie from some of the world’s finest designers.