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  • Why Get a Professional Bra Fitting?

    Just like jeans, bra sizes vary based upon brand and country in which it was made. Don’t be fooled by the online quizzes and bitter souls of the bra world. Shopping for a proper bra can be confusing and downright disheartening, so that’s why we are here to help navigate you through the bustling world of bras! If you are ready to get the help you so desire, our doors are open and our professional bra fitters are waiting!
  • 8 Bra Facts That Will Perk You Up!

    With 100 years of supporting and supplying women with radiating confidence, we found it only necessary to share a few interesting facts about these figure-flattering pieces!

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TOP DRAWER LINGERIE is a unique bra fitting boutique.

Top Drawer Lingerie is a bra fitting boutique that has been helping women across Texas look their best for over 25 years. Located in the Uptown Park Shopping Center in Houston, we carry lingerie from some of the world’s finest designers.