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Aspen Dream

Aspen Dream Bamboo Chic Nightgown

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Aspen Dream Smooth line is a collection of basic and indispensable pieces most likely to become your only true loved ones.

Sleep is essential, so is your sleepwear. Channel beauty, prepare for bed and wake up beautifully in our trending chic nightshirt, fitting your personal preferences - extremely soft, comfortable, and gorgeous. Gathering on the sleeve and on the neckline mirroring the beauty of dahlia petals, mother of pearl buttons and long cuffs give dainty appearance when lounging, when lightweight fabric and softness treats to an ease of sleeping.

Our chic nightshirt can be worn comfortably in different temperatures, adjusting to your unique sleep patterns and making difference in how well you sleep.

Made of 95% viscose from bamboo, 5% spandex

Care Instructions: machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat

Style Number: CHIC