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Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets All Purpose Laundry Detergent Sheet

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Cheat Sheets eliminates the hassle of doing laundry with pre-measured, ultraconvenient, dissolvable, liquid-less laundry detergent sheets.

They offer unique laundry formations for specific wash needs such as gentle for lingerie, delicates, and wool; swim for chlorine removal; and an all-purpse wash for lights and darks.

This sheet is formulated for all of your whites and darks for deep cleaning while maintaining the brightness and freshness of your clothes.

This formulation is offered in a refreshing Sea Spray scent. The innovative, pre-measured Cheat Sheet design dissolves quickly and completely in water (hot or cold), ensuring a mess-free laundry experience with no spills or heavy containers to lift.

Cheat Sheets is offered in a convenient travel size package for clean clothes on the go. Great for hand washing in the dorm, at the campsite, or in your hotel room. Cheet Sheets takes the worry out of doing laundry while traveling and keeping your clothes clean and fresh. Can also be used in the washing machine.

Use 1/2 sheet for hand wash, 1 sheet for small loads, 2 sheets for extra large or extra dirty loads - always handle with dry hands. 

Cheat Sheets are made with clean, bio-degradable ingredients that are tough on stains, but gentle on your clothes and the planet. No harsh chemicals, no kidding.

Each pack includes 10 sheets.