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Christine Lingerie Origami Pajama Set



The Christine Origami Pajama Set was inspired by the shapes in Japanese origami. The satin back crepe lounge top is comfortable and versatile. The wide sleeve and easy fitting body are a wonderful addition to your loungewear collection. The versatile silk crepe shorts have side seam pockets. This set can be worn for a quiet evening in or for an evening out.

Made of 100% 16mm Silk

Care Instructions:

Using a mild or natural soap wash in cool water for 3-5 minutes. Gently move fabric from side to side while soaking. Rinse with cold clean water. Remove from water but do not wring dry, instead lay flat on a towel, roll in towel to remove excess water then leave flat to dry. Do not put in dryer. CHRISTINE’S TIPS: Do not bleach. Do not leave in sunshine as fading will occur. Iron with medium heat on backside while garment is still slightly damp and do not spray with water while ironing.

For best results we recommend dry cleaning.

Style Number: ORM5235 and CRS6040

Made in Canada.