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Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer Olympia Thong

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Effortlessly elegant and inimitably empowering, the Olympia Thong is something of a luxurious necessity.

The golden embroidery creates an ornate framing of your body. Simple black silk straps follow the hips and take the eye around the body. To the rear, a delicate triangle of the golden lace graces the top of the cheeks and draws the eye in.

Overall, this is a sleek silhouette that feels every bit as phenomenal as it looks.

Olympia symbolises a sacred nature and the highest human aspirations. 

We have used this inspiration and worked with the oldest embroidery house in France to create an intricate floral display gliding over graphic tulle, taking the form of our Olympia. 

Combine this design with cuts to leave a lasting impression and you have quite the blend.

This is the first instalment of our SS23 collection Phenomena, inspired by the contemporary artist Mickalene Thomas, whose work celebrates female sexuality, sensuality, beauty and power - portraying real women with their own unique histories and backgrounds.

Ornate liberation and timeless beauty. Welcome to Olympia.

Made of silk and embroidery

Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Hang to Dry

Style Number: OLY-015-01