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Shan Sakura Bikini Set



This beautiful fashion foward style has been created for great support and comfort. This high cut bikini bottom works to flatter the feminine silhouette by giving you a slender effect and by lengthening the legs. The perfect essential bikini bottom with medium coverage.

Sakura is vibrant and luminous collection inspired by Japanese garden, solid caviar hue and filled with warm and rich tones of yellow, jade and pink. This burst of colors combined with fine cuts awakens noble and pure character, a must-have swimwear, resort wear and ready-to-wear print to become a staple in your wardrobe.

Made of 75% polyamide 25% spandex

Care Instructions: Avoid any direct contact with oils and/or creams. Hand wash in lukewarm freshwater with delicate soap. Hang or lay flat for drying

Designed & Manufactured in Canada

Style Number: 42220-42260