Need a New Bra?

  • 1. Does The Band Fit Properly?

    The back band provides 90% of a bra's support. A proper-sized band will fit right underneath your bustline. It should not ride up nor should it be loose. Your band should hug your body tightly.

    When you lift your arms over your head, do you feel the band slide up your body or lift away from your torso like in "Image A"?

  • 2. Is The Band Too Loose?

    Turn sideways to the mirror and using your thumb or fingers (or with a friend’s help) pull the band away from your back.

    Does the band pull several inches away from your back like in "Image A"?

  • 3. Are The Cups Too Small?

    The cup should be comfortable and smooth. Face the mirror at an angle and look at the top edge of your bra.

    Does the breast “bubble up” above the bra like in "Image A"?

  • 4. Are The Cups Too Large?

    To give a smooth, attractive line to your clothing, your breast must
    fill the cup completely. Face the mirror and look at where the cup joins
    the strap.

    Are there any gaps between the bra and your breast or wrinkles in fabric like in "Image A"?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your bra may not fit properly.

Come by Top Drawer Lingerie to get a professional bra fitting so that you can start feeling the comfort and support you deserve. Bra fittings are quick and painless. No appointments are necessary.

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