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From the outside looking in, the life of a bra fit specialist seemingly looks like this... breasts all day err' day... all shapes, all sizes, all colors, all ages, and all stages of health and recovery. But if you look closer into our world, you'll see that our clients bare more than just their breasts, they bare their souls, their self-doubts, their strengths, and their weaknesses. It's not only our job to lift breasts, but also to lift spirits and teach women to love themselves for exactly who they are right now. -Heather
Photo and "Love Your Ladies" art print by Lily Kate Vallance
Bra Fitting Since 2009
Favorite Bra: Marie Jo Avero
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Bra Fitting Since 2011
Favorite Bra: Empreinte Cassiopee
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Bra Fitting Since 2009
Favorite Bra: Empreinte Kaela
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Bra Fitting Since 2009
Favorite Bra: Elomi Kim
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Bra Fitting Since 1995
Favorite Bra: Antinea 3D Spacer
Bra Fitting Since 2007
Favorite Bra: Marie Jo Tom
Bra Fitting Since 2009
Favorite Bra: Simone Perele Caresse 
Bra Fitting Since 2008
Favorite Bra: Prima Donna Madison
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