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Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer Odonata Open Knicker

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Natural enticement at every angle, the Odonata Open Knicker has quite the effect. 

Precise panels of Odonata’s fluttering embroidery delicately skirt the joys of your body. As you turn around, a beguiling panel frames the cheeks, as two silk strings set off the ouvert design, giving an insatiable impact.

Leave nothing, and everything, to the imagination. 

Indulge in the richness of your most natural instincts with Odonata.

Delicate by nature, the energy of this fluttering dragonfly embroidery is unmatched. Odonata is a beautiful blend of buttery soft navy silk with glistening threads of unforgettable embroidery.

A symbol of self that evokes maturity, happiness, new beginnings and change. Odonata symbolises hope, change, and love. A love affair to evolve and cherish over and over, and over.

Part of our Dissipation Collection, we drew inspiration from the artist Maggie Foskett, whose microscopic details of insects evoke the concept of a new gaze - a different view making something so entrancing.
Connect this with the intimacy of nature and its resonance with the intricate layers of the female character and you have quite the combination.

Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Hang to Dry

Style Number: ODO-014-11