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Janira Perfect Curves Flat Tummy Brief

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Perfect curves, with no marks. Total effect with maximum comfort and invisibility: - TOTAL EFFECT: * firm effect, more than one size slimmer * total effect, slims and smooths the figure: makes cellulite invisible, it hides the abdomen and tummy, disguises spare tires, contours the silhouette. - MAXIMUM COMFORT: * Supersoft, light garments * maximum compression and fit, no marks and no pinching - INVISIBLE: * no rubber around the legs (cleancut) and buttocks. You won't know they're there, and nor will anyone else * expertly designed with minimal extraflat seams. Ergonomic for a slender figure. Available in two styles of panties and one high-waisted garment: Slip form: Panties with abdominal and lumbar area control. Flat tummy: Panties with abdominal and lumbar area control. Forte plus silhouette: ergonomic, high-waisted garment with double control fabric on the front of the abdomen and tummy. Guarantees "extra strong" compression for a perfect figure but with a sensation of maximum comfort. A single seam at the back makes it perfectly invisible. 

Style Number: 32067